Vinification on the indigenous yeasts: PINOT GRIGIO


Vinification on the indigenous yeasts: PINOT GRIGIO

Using just the yeasts already present on the grapes is an increasingly more frequent practice with producers pursuing excellent quality for their wines, especially if these are organic.

This is how it works: we start by picking a small quantity of the grapes, which we press to give a must rich in “indigenous” yeasts that will make it ferment spontaneously in just a few hours. 

This small amount of already fermenting must is then added to all the rest of the must harvested over the days that follow. 

The fermentation temperature is controlled to avoid stressing the indigenous yeasts and to encourage slow, regular fermenting.

We carry out an initial decanting and leave the wine to mature on its lees for several months. This is then followed by bottling in the early spring. 

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