Azienda Agricola Giol



More medals for Giol!

Silver medals for our wines Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Brut Collio 2018 and Pinot Grigio natural cork and screw cup 2018 at the International competition "The Organic Master Competition".



Two Gold medal at international challenge Gilbert & Gaillard!

Our Wines Prosecco Frizzante Spago e Luisa Frizzante have been awareded two gold medals at the International Competition Gilbert & Gaillard, organized worldwide by Wine tasting and Trading Ltd.



2 more medals for GIOL!

2020 started in the best way with 2 prestigious medals!

At "Millesimè Bio", international fair dedicated to organic wines, gold medal for the Prosecco Sparkling wine Extra Dry Collio 2019 and silver medal for Cabernet Sauvignon no added sulphites 2018.



Giol: Silver medal in Germany!

Our wine "Bronner - Sesto Senso 2017" has won the silver medal at the 9th "PIWI INTERNATIONAL Wine Award", an important international archievement for wines made exclusively with resistant cultivars.




Novelty among Giol wines!

Novità tra i vini Giol! We present the news Merlot on indigenous yeasts bottle.

Its Label, elegant and with the colors of the earth, is caracterized by rectangular labels.



Giol at Vinitaly 2019

Once again this year we will be at the most important Italian wine event.

We look forward to seeing you and introducing all our wines to you at VINITALY, pavilion Vinitaly Bio, stand 16.



A successfull start to 2019!

Two medals at Millésime Bio in Singapore!

Our wines Pinot Grigio doc delle Venezie 2017 and our Prosecco Spumante Brut Mirage 2017 were both winners at the 2019 Singapore Awards, bringing home gold and silver respectively.



Giol wins at Millèsime Bio ( Montpellier, FR)

After its successes in past editions, in 2019 it picks up a silver medal

Silver, Prosecco Spumante Brut Collio Doc Treviso 2017



Giol at Millèsime Bio 2019!

We are at the 26th Millésime Bio, the international organic wine fair, in Montpellier in France, from 28 to 30 January 2019.

Our tasting table will be on Table 257, Hall B2, Montepellier Exhibition Centre.



Gold medal Mundus Vini 2019 - Biofach

Our wines receive another important prize.

Nurnberg (DE) - Jannuary 2019
“Mundus Vini 2019 – Biofach” International Competition

Gold medal, Pinot Grey 2017



Our still white and rosè wines

All very different wines with pleasant structure and equilibrium, all with their own outstanding personality.

Our wines are: Sesto senso (resistant cultivar), Pinot Grigio no added sulphites, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Verduzzo anni ’50 and Rosato anni ’50.



Gold-Silver-Bronze: three medals for Giol wines!

Great satisfaction for Giol in this summer 2018.


Our wines received three important international awards:

“Bioweinpreis” International Competition, Germany

Gold medal for Prosecco Frizzante Spago;


“The Organic Masters” 2018 International Competition, United Kingdom

Silver medal for Prosecco Brut DOC Treviso

Bronze medal for Pinot Grigio IGT Marca Trevigiana.


We share with you our satisfactions! 



Vinification on the indigenous yeasts: Pinot Grigio

Using just the yeasts already present on the grapes is an increasingly more frequent practice with producers pursuing excellent quality for their wines, especially if these are organic.

This is how it works: we start by picking a small quantity of the grapes, which we press to give a must rich in “indigenous” yeasts that will make it ferment spontaneously in just a few hours. 

This small amount of already fermenting must is then added to all the rest of the must harvested over the days that follow. 

The fermentation temperature is controlled to avoid stressing the indigenous yeasts and to encourage slow, regular fermenting.

We carry out an initial decanting and leave the wine to mature on its lees for several months. This is then followed by bottling in the early spring. 

Read the technical notes for our Pinot Grigio on indigenous yeasts.



Giol scoops two bronze medals at Decanter!

The Decanter World Wine Awards results are in.

Very satisfying achievements by two Giol wines:

Sesto senso: 89 points; 

Fenice Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry: 86 points; 

The bronze medal for our Sesto senso wine, made from resistant Bronner grapes, is a hugely satisfying result for us. It is a gratification that goes beyond our place on the podium because we were really confident about this choice right from the start. The award given to Sesto senso, the first wine from a mildew resistant Veneto varietal to win a prize in an international competition is just further confirmation of our opinion and debuting at Decanter in such a way was a great honour for us. 

Elegant Fenice, our Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry, proved interesting for the international juries, achieving the highest points given to a Prosecco DOC at the 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards. 



Giol news: our wine labels with fifties feel

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Verduzzo, Merlot rosato

These are wines that allow us to savour vintage details: 

true glorification of the characteristics of the Cabernet grapes featured in our “Cabernet Sauvignon anni ‘50” wine a soft Merlot with a slightly amabile taste;
the new-found flavour of the old variety of Verduzzo Trevigiano grapes, used to make a remarkably famous wine in the past;
elegance from past times expressed in a Rosato made with Merlot grapes, a delicate, balanced wine.

A typical fifties Italian scooter on this line of labels makes our unique tasting wines immediately recognisable.

Check out our technical info sheets.



We will be at Vinitaly!

We will be in Pavilion 8, stand 7 Bio at the 52nd edition of Vinitaly from 15 to 18 April.


We will be showcasing many new Giol products at the fair, and telling you about our new wines:


Pinot Grigio sparkling wine 2017

Pinot Grigio still wine 2017

Pinot Grigio indigenous yeasts 2017

Pinot Grigio with no sulphites 2017

Cabernet Barrique 2016


… and we will be revealing our Bronner 2017 vintage for the first time.


We look forward to showing you them all personally.



Great achievements for this 2018!

Our wines received two other important prizes at Mundus Vini Biofach 2018: Gold medal for Chardonnay Igt Marca Trevigiana 2016 and silver for Pinot Grey Igt Marca Trevigiana 2016.

Gold, Chardonay Igt Marca Trevigiana 2016
Silver, Pinot Grey Igt Marca Trevigiana 2016



Giol wins again at Millèsime Bio!

Giol wins again at Millèsime Bio (Montpellier, FR): after its successes in past editions, in 2018 it picks up two silvers and two bronzes in confirmation of its consistently high levels. Come and taste it at the fair: Hall b2, Table 20.

Silvler, Chardonnay Igt 2016
Silver, Merlot Igt 2016
Bronze, Prosecco Frizzante Spago Doc Treviso 2016
Bronze, Prosecco Spumante Brut Collio Doc Treviso 2016



This is it: last bottles for Christmas orders

Our winery is bubbling with busyness, as we sell and send out the last bottles just in time for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
We would like you to be able to share the atmosphere in our winery as we get ready for Christmas, feel what it means to be close to the end of the year on our estate.
This unique time of year is all about hard work and enthusiasm.
For us at Giol, the value of a years’ work on our land, with our plants, grapes, must, and wines comes to a head right now with a frenzy of orders to be fulfilled and wines to be sent out around the world. We carefully put our bottles into boxes, then onto pallets, ready for the long journey ahead.
Your requests are the tangible proof of our success!
With Christmas just a few days away, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas in Giol style, filled with enthusiasm and sincerity... may it be truly happy and simply unique.
Raise a glass with us. Happy Christmas!



Wine Enthusiast awards "Prosecco Brut Doc Giol"

Our Cellar reached more and more important goals! The prestigious American magazine Wine Enthusiast has assigned 88 points to our Prosecco Brut Doc Treviso, "the highest rating granted throughout 2017 among all Prosecchi DOC"



An updated presentation of our wines for our clients

New graphics for all Giol product notes.
Giol continues to evolve with the aim of improving its communication tools. This time we have updated the technical notes for our wines.
Special attention has been paid to photos of the bottles and the visibility of our labels.
We have made content clearer and more user-friendly, accompanied by attractive, big-impact graphics in line with our communication.
More exhaustive, detailed info completes the notes for every single wine, with the introduction of new elements such as technical info on bottles, comprising instant barcode recognition of the EAN code on the bottle and the ITF code on the box, and QR code.
For immediate recognition of the wine type, we have emphasised the colours copied from the label as a distinctive identifying characteristic.
Because our wines are distributed practically worldwide, product notes are available in 3 languages: Italian, English and German.



2017 Harvest Preview

This will be the 590th harvest at our Antiche Cantine. A milestone we are truly proud of!
We expect to be harvesting some ten days earlier than the average dates from past years.
2017 has seen unusual temperatures and a shortage of rainfall since December. The unfortunate spring weather conditions (high temperatures in March, frosts in April, heat in May) have been compensated for by hot, dry summer, which means a good sugar ripeness.
The vineyards are currently in excellent condition and we expect to see slightly lower harvest quantities but with great quality.
We are also very pleased with both the vines planted in spring 2016 and those planted this year. They have taken very well and the results of our care are already evident.
We start harvesting on 21 August with our whites: first BRONNER, followed by PINOT GRIGIO, CHARDONNAY and VERDUZZO.
GLERA will be picked mid-September, and then our reds: MERLOT, CABERNET SAUVIGNON, RABOSO.
By the first week of October we will have finished harvesting at Giol.



4th Gold Medals at the Gilbert and Gaillard

Our 4th Gold Medal at the Gilbert and Gaillard 2017 international competition (France). This time, we won with our Prosecco Frizzante Spago.

2016 has been an exceptional vintage for our wines – we are pleased and honoured by the many international recognitions we have received in such a short time.



Great achievements at Decanter 2017!

The first vintage of Pinot Grigio Spumante immediately received a prestigious international recognition – a commendation from the Jury at the Decanter 2017 international competition.
​Our Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Fenice 2016 also received a new international recognition with a commendation from the Jury.

Giol 2016 – a vintage for the record books, with more great achievements for our winery!



Our wines are once again among the best organic Proseccos!

A splendid silver medal for Prosecco Spumante Brut Mirage 2016 and a bronze for Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Fenice 2016 at The Organic Masters 2017 in England.

Giol 2016 – a memorable vintage, with proud achievements to share!



More gold medals for Giol!

The prestigious French wine guide Gilbert & Gaillard has awarded Gold Medals to three of our wines: Merlot Barrique, no added sulphites Cabernet Sauvignon and Prosecco Spumante Brut Collio.

This is truly a reason to toast!



Giol at VinitalyBio 2017

Don’t miss our new additions!
At VinitalyBio, we will introduce the 2016 vintage of Giol white wines.
We’re in Hall 8, Stand 11 Bio.
Giol has many new additions to show you:
the new graphics on the labels for the no added sulphites line;
and new wines: Pinot Grigio Spumante Extra Dry, Sesto Senso (the first Veneto wine made from resistant varieties), Merlot Barrique and Cabernet Vintage.

Come see us. We’ll be waiting for you.



Sesto Senso: finalmente è arrivato!

Un sogno si realizza. "Sesto Senso" è il primo vino ottenuto da uve resistenti di Giol: il Bronner.  Un'uva che non va trattata come le altre grazie alla sua straordinaria resistenza alle principali malattie della vite.

È davvero un grande vino bianco e siamo certi vi colpirà per la sua purezza e la sua alta qualità.




Pinot Grigio Spumante Extra Dry 2016: now available!

Pinot Grigio is a variety known throughout the world for its delicate, elegant aromas.
We have chosen the uncommon version of Spumante Extra Dry to enhance its strengths: we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.



Another two medals for Prosecco Giol!

Great satisfaction for Giol in the beginning of 2017.
Our wines have received two more important international recognitions:
Silver Medal at Mundus Vini Biofach 2017 for Prosecco Extra Dry Collio and Silver Medal at Millésime Bio for Prosecco Spumante Fenice.

Making a name for ourselves since 1427!



Seduce her with a Scarface cocktail

Scarface is more than just the name of the famous Brian De Palma film. Fans of sparkling wines may already have tried this cocktail made with Prosecco Spumante Brut Mirage;and Amaretto. The perfect beginning to a special Valentine’s Day evening!

¼ Amaretto
¾ Vodka
A splash of red fruit juice
Prosecco Spumante Brut Mirage 

Fill a tumbler with ice. Pour in the amaretto, vodka and juice. Mix and fill with prosecco, almost to the rim of the glass. Garnish with a cluster of red currants.




Tintoretto: the cold weather cocktail

The Tintoretto cocktail is a variation of the Bellini and has a refreshing, thirst-quenching flavour. Characteristic of the town of Asolo (in the Province of Treviso), the drink is made with pomegranate juice, apple and our Spumante Extra Dry Collio. Our bartender recommends serving it in a flute. The name pays tribute to the Venetian painter Tintoretto, who was nicknamed “the furious” due to his energy. How do you make a Tintoretto cocktail? Here’s the recipe!

Apple juice 
Spumante Extra Dry Collio

Carefully choose a well-ripened pomegranate to avoid an astringent sensation in the mouth. Cut open the pomegranate, remove the seeds and juice them with a potato masher. Taste the juice – if it is astringent, add a single drop of  grenadine. Pour it into a well-chilled flute or Asti glass and top it off with Spumante Extra Dry Collio.



Giol at Millésime Bio

We invite you to Millésime Bio - Sud de France, the international organic wine show.

From 30 January to 1 February, we will be at table No. 30. Will you stop by to say hello and taste our many new products?



Vintage 2016, a year of new additions!

We are expecting an excellent vintage in terms of quality, alcohol content and aromas, partly due to a 25% decrease in production compared to 2015. To celebrate our 590th vintage, we have introduced several new additions!

To strengthen our brand, we have modified our logo to include an eighteenth century bas-relief. We are certain that a more powerful brand identity will further strengthen your trust as well as that of consumers. We have updated our logo on our website and Facebook profile. In addition, it will gradually be added to our labels.

We have also introduced several new wines – Merlot Barrique 2015, Sesto Senso 2016, Cabernet Vintage 2015 and Pinot Grigio Spumante Millesimato 2016 will be available from November 2016. To further enhance our wines’ purity and elegance, we have completely renovated the winery, with new sections for crushing and pressing, temperature control for white wines, and a new section for fermenting red wines. We have also planted five new hectares of vineyards with Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Merlot grapes.

We hope that our commitment further increases your enthusiasm and trust in us!



Merano Wine Festival

This time the "star" is our Merlot no added sulfites. After two gold medals at the Millésime Bio 2016, and those silver Mundus Wine Biofach2016, we are pleased to announce another prestigious award, the Merano Wine Award 2016 certificate of excellence.

We wait for you at the Merano Wine Festival, November 5th to 7th, to taste it and celebrate with us! More info and tickets



Tiziano: a cocktail to welcome fall

Our Prosecco cocktail selection still continue. For this fall we suggest you a cocktail made with grape, the top seasonal fruit and, of course, our Prosecco no added sulfites. The name of this cocktail is Tiziano, it's a light flavored aperitif which replaces in autumn the most famous Bellini. Do not forget to share with us on Facebook - Giol Italian Organic & Vegan Wines your tasting moments! 


1/3 grape strawberry juice

2/3 Prosecco frizzante Spago


Switch the grapes masher and filter the juice obtained. Pour it into the flute or chilled cup and fill it with Prosecco frizzante Spago.



Raspberries and Prosecco for a fresh canaletto!

This summer our sommelier suggests you to taste "Canaletto", a fresh fruity cocktail, not just for women. Made with raspberries and prosecco, it is the perfect choice in the hottest summer days. Directly from Venice, its name is due to Giovanni Antonio Canal, the famous painter and engraver. Follow the recipe and enjoy it with your friends. Do not forget to share the pic of the result on our Facebook fanpage!

300 gr of raspberries
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
a tablespoon of lemon juice

Dissolve the sugar with a lemon spoon. Add two tablespoons of water and crushed ice. Pour the smoothie raspberry juice filtered through a sieve into the mixture, add in the chilled Prosecco and serve!



Giol: Music and Wine

Antiche Cantine Giol (Giol Historic Winery) hosted the “Music and Wine” concert on Friday, 1 July. We would like to thank Maestro Simonetto and all of the choristers who made possible this beautiful evening filled with classical music, poetry and Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry Fenice.



Giol bets it all on number 10 in Malta!

Our summer tour of the coolest locations continues. This time we are just back from Malta, where we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Porto Maso Casino. A big event that was all about Giol Prosecco and gambling, in a splendid seaside resort, a summer must-visit! If you are in the area too, enjoy a flutter while you sip a glass of Prosecco, which we hope brings you good luck!



Summer cocktail trends: our delightful Hugo Rosato

If you are a wine lover and you don't know it, you'll love it soon! Hugo is a cocktail made of Prosecco, born in South Tyrol in 2005 as an alternative to Spritz. From South Tyrol it has spread rapidly in Triveneto, becoming the most famous aperitif drink also in Germany and Austria. Cool for summer, its taste results very natural, fruity and elegant. Try it with our Luisa Spumante Extra Dry!

6 or 7 ice cubes
3/10 elderberry syrup
7/10 Luisa Sparkling Wine
splash of soda water
half a lime squeezed
2 or 3 mint leaves

Enjoy it!



Fly with us to Ibiza!

Sea, sun... Are you ready to fly to Ibiza?
We are already there, waiting for you!
Enjoy the sunset and relax yourself on the beach with a good glass of our Pinot Grigio.
You can find us at Blue Marlin, the top luxury beach club, full of cool events.
Furthermore you will find us at Coricancha, the Peruvian restaurant and lounge bar, where you can delight your palate and enjoy a gorgeous sea landscape.
Find out more: &



Vinitaly 2016: here we are. Ready to toast?

Are you ready for the 50th Edition of Vinitaly? Come visit us at Stand 8 PAD 13 BIO to enjoy natural tastes in the organic wine area. Do not miss our new Pinot Grigio No Added Sulphites, a fine and elegant wine that will surely surprise you.
Furthermore, if you are real wine lovers, discover the most award-winning wines from our cellar.

50th Edition of the International Wine & Spirits Exhibition
Verona Fiera
10-13th April 2016



New Pinot Grigio with no added sulphites

Finally, an excellent Pinot Grigio with no added sulphites. It is possible to make a great wine without preservatives: we have already proven this with our Prosecco on its lees, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can once again trust our experience and our passion!



Two medals for Giol at Mundus Vini Biofach 2016

As every year, many wineries companies from all over the world took part to the 2016 Mundus Vini edition. In the section Mundus Vini Biofach, organic made wines, an overall of 209 medals were assigned: 71 medals to Germany (the most awarded country), 56 medals for Italy, 40 medals to Spain, 17 to France, 6 to Portugal, 5 to Austria, 5 to Chile, 3 to South Africa, 2 to Luxembourg, one to Argentina, Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary.

Giol won two silver medals for Prosecco Spumante Brut Collio and Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry.




Giol winning again the gold medal at Millésime Bio 2016 Montpellier

Two gold medals (Prosecco Spumante Brut and Chardonnay) and a silver one (Merlot no added sulphites) to confirm Giol as one of the best innovators in the field of organic, vegan and no added sulphites wines. Come taste our quality: HALL B2 - STAND 79.



Premio Mostra Nazionale Pramaggiore 2014

We are proud to inform you that we have once again received two prestigious awards:

Gold Medal for Prosecco Frizzante DOC 2013, National Wine Show 2014, Pramaggiore,
Gold Medal for Cabernet Barrique 2012, National Wine Show 2014, Pramaggiore.

In addition, we received a Silver Medal at Millésime Bio 2014 for Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC 2012 and a Silver Medal at Mundus Vini Biofach 2014 for Prosecco Spumante Brut 2012. These most recent gold medals are truly the best way to start off the year.
Thank you everyone for your loyal, unflagging support.



1427 Limited edition of 1427 numbered bottles

1427 numbered bottles to celebrate a splendid adventure that has lasted since at least 1427:
Extra Brut Classic Method Sparkling Wine Raboso grapes vintage 2009 We decided to celebrate the 582nd harvest with the grape that, more than any other, has accompanied us on this long adventure.
Raboso is the most ancient and characteristic red grape variety in the Republic of Venice and Giol is the longest-established producer, with production dating back to at least 1427. Over the centuries we have learned to understand this extraordinary grape, which is rich in acidity, tannins and delicate aromas.
Second fermentation took place in the bottle and the wine rested on the lees for 40 months in the oldest, most charming and coolest part of our cellars before disgorging. In order to preserve the authentic nature and typical characteristics of Raboso, we preferred not to add any liqueur d'expedition, making this a "zero dosage" wine. It is truly our best tribute to this splendid grape. View the data sheet of 1427, Spumante Metodo Classico di Raboso.



Christmas at Giol Castle

Another winter has arrived.
The seasons pass one after another, following an unchanging cycle that marks the rhythm of life on our planet. In our oasis, the year that is coming to an end (the 586th year) has been a source of great joy and satisfaction.
However, our thoughts go out to our many friends to whom Nature has been less kind. 2014 will be the International Year of Family Farming.
I hope that we can all make peace with the cycle of life, experience wonder in observing it, feel excited by the small miracles that it brings, and understand its fragility, richness and beauty.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



Location for the film Il leone di vetro

The Giol Estate was pleased to host shooting of the film "Il leone di vetro". The all-Italian production film, celebrates Raboso Piave and the adventures of a historic family that has produced it for many generations.
A truly remarkable coincidence that makes Cantine Giol the ideal set location.



Colour to the Past
Second Annual Event celebrating the region, history and the Environment

For the second year in a row, Giol hosted a wonderful event to promote environmental awareness and allow visitors to discover the region.
Several hot air balloons departed from our splendid historic winery on an exciting flight over landscapes filled with history. After flying over the marvellous Giol Castle and Oasis, we soared above the Piave Valley, admiring the green countryside of DOC Venezia and its Verduzzo, Raboso and Prosecco vineyards.
Back on the ground, several local artisans who are among the last to practice their arts explained the secrets of almost-forgotten traditions.



Merlot Doc 375 ml

Merlot has always been one of the most popular wines throughout the world due to its roundness and versatility, as it can be used pure – current or aged – or blended with other wines to improve their balance. Its ruby red colour is not particularly deep, revealing its nature as an easy-going wine ideal for everyday drinking with food. View the data sheet of Merlot DOC 375 Ml.



The first organic sparkling sur-lie Prosecco with no added sulphites

More engaging and richer than other sparkling wines produced with the Charmat method, this Prosecco produced with the Sur Lie or “lees ageing” method offers a far richer and more dynamic range of sensations. View the data sheet of Prosecco sui lieviti senza solfiti aggiunti.



Our Passito Raboso is finally here: an age-old tradition of the Republic of Venice

The colour is intense ruby red with garnet reflections. The bouquet reveals hints of maraschino cherries preserved in liqueur plus dried fruit like dates, figs and sultanas. On the palate it is lavish and savoury with grippy tannins, ideally countered by a fine balance between the alcohol content, acidity and sugar. The aftertaste is pleasant and persistent. View the data sheet of Passito di Raboso.



Coloriamo i ricordi 16th/17th April 2011

A hot air balloon special, encompassing history and the environment held 16th/17th April 2011 at our old winery in San Polo di Piave



Vinitaly 2011 prize to Giol

Prosecco Brut 2009 the only organic Prosecco awarded a special mention



Prize at Millésime Bio (France)

Prosecco Brut 2009 the only organic Prosecco awarded a gold medal