Natural cork

ROSATO MERLOT Natural cork
Giol Italia
vino biologico vegano
  • Fine wines since 1427
  • Only organic wines since 1987
  • Only vegetarian and organic wines
  • No-added sulphites wines since 2009
  • Resistant vineyards since 2015
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Merlot is a truly versatile varietal, offering fine rosés that are elegant, delicate and balanced. The clear glass enhances the wine’s brilliant rose colour. Its aroma is reminiscent of the grape from which it is produced – intense, characteristic, delicate and fruity, with notes of cherry. In the mouth, the wine is delicate, velvety, balanced, dry and full-flavoured. Makes an excellent aperitif if served at 8-10 ºC to heighten the delicacy and freshness. As an accompaniment to meals, it goes well with raw ham antipastos and first courses such as vegetable soups, pasta and beans, fish soups, stewed fish and baked fish.

Technical details

Grape varieties Merlot
Appellation Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT)
Year of planting 2002
Soil gravelly silty sand/sand
Vine spacing 2.80 x 1.50
Pruning single curtain
Yield/Hectare 11 t
Alcohol conten 12.00 % vol.
Residual sugar 7 g/l
Acidity 5.40 g/l
Ph 3.20


This rosé wine is produced from select, hand-picked Merlot grapes. The desired rose colour is obtained by separating the must from the skins immediately after pressing. This is followed by a long fermentation process at a controlled temperature of 14° C in stainless steel tanks. Once fermentation is complete, it is racked and left on the lees with regular batonage, giving the wine complexity and character before it is bottled. Bottling is performed several times a year to ensure that the wine is always fresh and fruity.